Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Curious Savage

Author(s): Ryan & Hugo Manso
Location: n/a / Spain

"The Curious Savage"

Directed by Tony Goldwyn
Written by Norah Ephron
Music by John Tavener

Main Cast

Queen Latifah (Mrs. Ethel Savage)
Lisa Kudrow (Florence)
Ryan Gosling (Hannibal)
America Ferrera (Fairy May)
Justin Long (Jeffery)
Melissa George (Mrs. Paddy)
Orlando Bloom (Titus)
Elijah Wood (Samuel)
Christina Ricci (Lilly Belle)
Liv Tyler (Miss. Wilhelmina)
Kate Winslet (Dr. Emmett)

Tagline: "Welcome to the Cloisters"

Synopsis: The Curious Savage is the heart-warming story of Mrs. Ethel Savage (Queen Latifah), an extremely wealthy and charitable widow worth over $10 million. After the death of her husband she realizes that she’s never been free and begins to pursue her career in acting what has been her dream for years. She begins to give away money to anybody who wants to make their dreams come true. However, Mrs. Savage’s three greedy stepchildren, Titus (Orlando Bloom), Samuel (Elijah Wood), and Lilly Belle (Natalie Portman) commit her to a mental institution, "The Cloisters" to get her money. Mrs. Savage meets a variety of quirky and hilarious characters there. Hannibal (Ryan Gosling), plays the violin but has no talent, Jeffery (Justin Long), who has an imaginary scar on his face, Florence (Lisa Kudrow), who thinks her son is still alive, carrying around a doll; Fairy May (America Ferrera), who wants to be everybody’s friend and needs to hear that she is loved, and Mrs. Paddy (Melissa George), who paints, but only says a list of what she hates.

At first Mrs. Savage is very angry and hates the place, but when she starts to know everyone, she realizes that maybe the people that are crazy, are free, something she was looking forward for a long time. With a strange curiosity, she wants to know more, she wants to hear what they’ve got to say, she listens to Hannibal music, she treats Jeffery’s scar, feeds Florence’s little doll, she tells Fairy May how much she is loved by everyone and asks Mrs. Paddy why does she hate all the things she hates? Step by step she discoveres her freedom, she’s making people happy, and that makes herself happy too.

Mrs. Savage’s presence seems to bring out the best in them all, as well as the kind staff member, Miss Wilhemina (Liv Tyler) and Dr. Emmett (Kate Winslet), who soon realizes that Mrs. Savage, is eccentric, and not insane. Mrs. Savage however learns that any of the patients can leave but that they just don’t want to, as she, they are happy where they are.

So, Mrs. Savage leads her stepchildren on a wild goose-chase for her money. And sorts out her life along with the others.

With a heart-felt ending this is one not to be missed.

Based on the play be John Patrick.

What the Press would say:

“Two thumbs up!”-Ebert & Roeper

“A Great Movie and Play.”- People

“A+! A Just Great.”-Entertainment Weekly

“Amazing and Sensational, Hilarious, a family film to see.”-Rolling Stone Magazine

The Curious Savage is a great play and an even better movie. Queen Latifah is great and so is the rest of the cast. While Latifah is eccentric and self-absorbed, she manages to help others and see a world she hadn’t before, as the great actress she is, she lets you know that world with her. Everybody is hilarious and shines with magnificence. Christina Ricci, Elijah Wood, and Orlando Bloom all play evil characters that will go down with some of the favorite children and adult movie villains of all time. Lisa Kudrow and Ryan Gosling, as two of the crazy people, give such incredibles performances, both are hilarious when they have to, and dramatic as well when needed. Kate Winslet is great, as always, with this movie, hopefully, she will get her first Academy Award, as well as her sixth nomination. There’s time for laughs, there’s time for tears, there are great performances and there’s a very deep message. That makes this movie a classic masterpiece for sure.


Best Picture
Best Director: Tony Goldwyn
Best Screenplay: Norah Ephron
Best Original Score: John Tavener
Best Actor: Ryan Gosling
Best Supporting Actor: Orlando Bloom
Best Actress: Queen Latifah
Best Supporting Actress: Melissa George
Best Supporting Actress: Lisa Kudrow
Best Supporting Actress: Kate Winslet

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