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For Pay

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"For Pay"

Written and Directed by Gus Van Sant
Produced by Dany Wolf
Cinematography by Harris Savides
Original Music by Michael Penn
Original Song by Panic! At The Disco

Main Cast

Macaulay Culkin as Danny Roberts
Richard Chamberlain as Richard Sommerfield
Dominique Swain as Kate Williams
Michael Pitt as Trevor Green
Elle Fanning as Kimmy Roberts
Timothy Olyphant as Patrick

Tagline: "N/A"

Synopsis: Danny (Culkin) and Kate (Swain) are high school sweethearts with dreams of making it big in Hollywood. They move from their small northern California town to Hollywood after graduation. Eight years later Danny is working over 40 hours a week to support his out of work wife and their eight year old daughter, Kimmy (Fanning). Danny loves his daughter and will do anything for her. He also still loves his wife despite the fact that he feels she's no longer in love with him. She appears to grow more miserable with each passing day. Living in a small one bedroom apartment is not what they had planned. Still, Danny had high hopes. That is until Danny was fired from his job.

Danny tried hard to get a job but there seemed to be nothing out there. Danny didn't know what to do. Weeks have passed and his savings were running out. He went to his friend and former co-worker, Patrick (Olyphant) for advice since he was older than he was. While talking and drinking some beers, Patrick made a move on Danny. He stopped him and told him he wasn't gay. Patrick offered to pay him and told him that plenty of straight men have sex with men for money. It's called being "Gay for Pay". Danny still said no and left. That night Danny sat in his kitchen and looked at his daughter drawing at the kitchen table. She looked up at him and said she was hungry. There was no food in the house and no money. Danny knew what he had to do. The next night he returned to Patrick's house. That's where it all began. Soon Danny was out there turning tricks just to make enought to feed his family and pay some bills. Danny lied to Kate. He told her he had a night job. Every night he came home he would take a long shower. Sometimes he would cry. Others he just felt numb.

Kate eventually found out what he was doing and left him. Danny wanted to stop but it was easy money. He met all sorts of interesting people. None of them made much of an impact on his life. His life would take another turn though the night he met Richard Sommerfield (Chamberlain). Sommerfield is a millionaire producer of adult films for gay men. Sommerfield is infatuated with Danny. He puts him in a movie. Danny quickly becomes a star in the world of gay porn. He makes a lot of money. So much in fact that Kate decides to get back with him. She doesn't seem to mind what he does as long as he has enough to buy her and Kimmy nice things.

Danny's fame and wealth increases when he teams up with Trevor (Pitt), another "gay for pay" actor. They're dubbed "The Twins" for their uncanny resemblance. Soon Kate's riding high on Danny's fame and fortune. Danny, Kate and Trevor become inseparable. Going to parties, getting drunk and high. Mr. Sommerfield becomes invested in Danny's life. Sommerfield's infatuation grows to love for Danny. He showers Danny with gifts. He constantly offers to take Danny to far away countries. Danny always declines politely but that doesn't stop Sommerfield from loving Danny. He is Determined to make Danny his.

Yes, Danny is living the great life. He has fame. He has fortune. All is going well except that he's certain that Kate and Trevor have become lovers; Mr. Sommerfield's advancements have become increasingly physical and violent. Worst of all Kimmy does not run and hug him the way she used to. She barely even looks at him when he arrives home. Danny now sits alone at his kitchen table.

What the Press would say:

Director Gus Van Sant's (Good Will Hunting, Elephant) latest film starring Macaulay Culkin, Dominique Swain and Richard Chamberlain is a revelatory one. Not just for the magnificent acting by it's principal cast but for everything from the wrting to the music, including an original song by pop-rock band Panic! At The Disco.

The story is about a young couple who move to Hollywood with dreams of making it big but instead end up with a daughter and struggling to survive. In order to provide for his family after being fired Culkin's character becomes a male prostitute which leads him to become a gay porn star after a chance encounter with Richard Sommerfield played by the magnificent Richard Chamberlain.

This fim marks the return of Macaulay Culkin as a real actor. It's a daring role that calls for a brief nude scene by Culkin. Culkin does a wonderful job as a father who is willing to do what it takes to provide for his daughter and along the way loses sight of what he truly holds dear. Only when he does realize it its too late. Dominique Swain is pitch perfect as a young housewife who grows increasingly discontent with her husband and child. Michael Pitt's Trevor is there to provide her an escape from the life that she does not want. Pitt is amazing as another "gay for pay" actor. He represents everything that Danny seems not to be anymore to Swain's character. This film also marks the return of Richard Chamberlain. He is sweet and loving in the film but at the same time gives a vibe that makes you uneasy. His character sees Danny as a object to lust after while Culkin's Danny sees him as a father figure. The entire cast and crew deserve Oscar recognition but none so much as Chamberlain. This is one performance that is sure to be talked about come Oscar time.

Best Picture
Best Director - Gus Van Sant
Best Original Screenplay - Gus Van Sant
Best Actor - Macaulay Culkin
Best Supporting Actress - Dominique Swain
Best Supporting Actor - Richard Chamberlain
Best Supporting Actor - Michael Pitt
Best Cinematography
Best Original Song - "No Love Lost for the Lost Love" by Panic! At The Disco

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