Thursday, June 12, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Author(s): AJ Bell
Location: Iowa

"Home Sweet Home"

Written and Directed By AJ Bell
Editted by Sally Menke
Cinematography by Emmanuel Lubezki
Original Score by AJ Bell

Main Cast

Christian Bale as Chief Winters
James McAvoy as Jules
AJ Bell as Kitten Powwel
Bill Nighy as Captain Smithy
Adrien Slade as Bug
Daniel Radcliffe as Hughes
Geoffrey Rush as Colonel
Alan Rickman as General Sturgess

Tagline: "Before the Sun Rises, They Will Be Heroes"

Synopsis: In a dystopian future, British government has gotten fed up with IRA terrorist attacks on their people. Their solution, to invade Ireland. IRA soldiers stand to fight when the Irish government won't. When the General(Rickman) decides to enter the country, IRA see a perfect oppurtunity to assasinate him. Christian Bale leads his men to do the assignment, but it all goes terribly wrong and the next thing we know they are in hiding with wounded men in a small mansion in the countryside. While cooped up there without food and contact to their supperiors, half plan an escape led by Christain Bale, and the others want to wait for a resue. When the british troops gather outside waiting for permission to take them out, Winters starts to go mad with fear. His inner struggles accumulate to violence against his men. The troups become to divided by fear and power. Only when they see death on the cusp of the night, can they band together to become what they were. To become heroes. Loosely based on the novel "The Lord of the Flies"

What the Press would say:

In an impressive directorial debut, AJ Bell explains the struggle to do what is right in a war-torn world. Christian Bale gives a powerhouse performance in a lead role that will carry his career to til the end of his life. His craziness shines through the screen at the audience. With supporting actors galore, two shine through the most. James McAvoy and AJ Bell. James McAvoy being the more veteran of the two young actors, gives one of his most notable performances as the strong sidekick to Christian Bale's craziness. But it is AJ Bell who steals the movie from even the likes of Bale as the private destroyed by the realization of his mentor's (Bale) demise. His torment is seen in his eyes when he watchs Bale's sanity dissolve into nothing more than a powerstruggle among young minds. The cinematography is mind blowing from master of innovation Lubezki, whose last marvel, Children of Men, is still inferior to this masterpiece of war.

Most Memorable Scene : When the troups end their division they are sitting waiting for their end to come as British forces await outside for their command. In what will be their final and finest hour, AJ Bell's Kitten sings slowly and softly an Irish ballad that instills everyone's mortality once again. His song is interrupted by the firing of artillery weapons into the house.

Best Picture
Best Director
Best Adapted Screenplay
Best Actor - Christian Bale
Best Supporting Actor - James McAvoy
Best Supporting Actor - AJ Bell
Best Cinematograpy
Best Original Score
Best Visual Effects
Best Sound
Best Sound Editing
Best Editing
Best Original Song - Irish Ballad

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