Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Witch of Portobello

Author(s): Manos
Location: Greece

"The Witch of Portobello"

Produced by Saul Zaentz & Sidney Pollack
Written and Directed by Anthony Minghella
Based on the novel by Paulo Coelho
Music by Gabriel Yared
Cinematography by John Seale
Editing by Walter Murch
Art Direction by Aurelio Crugnola
Costume Design by Ann Roth

Main Cast

Keira Knightley as Athena/Serine Halil
Ralph Fiennes as Heeron Ryan
Winona Ryder as Andrea McCain
Kristin Scott Thomas as Edda
Joseph Fiennes as Lukas
Ian Holm as Giancarlo Fontana
Clive Owen as Peter Sherney
Naveen Andrews as Nabil (a beduin)
Shoreh Aghdasloo as Samira Halil
Charlotte Rampling as Liliana

Tagline: "Believe in yourself and you will rule the world"

Synopsis: The film is about the story of a woman. Serine Halil, known as Athena (Knightley), adopted by a Christian-Lebanese family based in London, marries at her adolescence with a medicine student (Joseph Fiennes) and they make a son. Soon, she gets bores in married life and she divorces. The Catholic priest (Holm) doesn’t let her pray in the church. Then, she gets a job in a bank where she manages to raise productivity by using mass dance techniques. Her method catches her boss’(Owen) attention and he proposes her to direct the firm’s expansion in Dubai. A new spiritual journey begins. There, Athena finds her inner self. Athena is no more the same. She leaves the son to her mother (Aghdasloo) and decides to find her roots. Her search in adoption papers leads her to Transylvania where she meets her biological mother (Rampling), a spiritual Romanian gypsy woman. There she fells in love with a journalist (Ralph Fiennes) having a relationship with an actress (Ryder). Two people that will stand by her throughout her whole life. Athena’s spirituality grows more and more, attracting more and more people in her inner light. Along with her companion (Scott Thomas) are giving seminars in a basement on Portobello street. These seminars gain more and more popularity. And controversy as well. Priests consider her a witch and her doctrines as a heresy. They proceed her to court. Athena is the Witch of Portobello. She is the talk of the town. When suddenly, Athena gets assassinated… But this is a trick. Athena lives in peace with her son far from the lights

What the Press would say:

Anthony Minghella presents a spiritual journey. A woman finds her inner self. And teaches others to follow their path to self-knowledge. Keira gives a surprisingly deep performance in the main role. Surrounded by an exceptional supporting ensemble, Knightley’s passion and spirituality fills the screen with talent. Magnificently directed and written by master Anthony Minghella the Witch of Portobello will leave the audience and the critics bewitched. A film full of passion for life, for spiritual quests and euphoria. A film that will carry you to the depths of the inner self. Impeccable, marvelous and most of all Oscarishable


Best Picture
Best Director (Anthony Minghella)
Best Adapted Screenplay (Anthony Minghella)
Best Actress (Keira Knightley)
Best Supporting Actor (Ralph Fiennes, Joseph Fiennes)
Best Supporting Actress (Winona Ryder, Charlotte Rampling, Shoreh Aghdasloo)
Best Cinematography
Best Editing
Best Art Direction
Best Original Score

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