Thursday, June 12, 2008


Author(s): Kwame
Location: FL


Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson
Written by:Paul Thomas Anderson
Music by:Jon Brion

Main Cast

Common as Dearrick Alari
Philip Seymour Hoffman as Ruben Sarris
Corbin Bleu as Esteban "Stebi" McAvery
Brian Cox as Paul McAvery

Tagline: "Inspiring Alligator Aficionados Everywhere"

Synopsis: Dearrick Alari and Ruben Sarris were the best of friends at a South Florida Prep School in the Mid-1980's. The two enthusiastic teens, both interested in alligators at the time, were the co-founders of "Greensleeves Magazine", a wildly popular bi-monthly that increased alligator awareness, and was a strong force in the boys' acceptance into the School of Journalism at Columbia University.20 years later, both men, still bachelors, are fully committed to the production of their magazine and to the "Feed the Homeless Society" at their church.

One morning, Dearrick confronts Ruben over an issue regarding the future of their magazine. He had been receiving numerous e-mails from Stebi McAvery, a so-called "flamboyantly gay" 18-year old and adopted son of a regular yet ill-regarded parishioner Paul McAvery.The young man had been suggesting numerous changes that the magazine could make;one being the additition of a feature called "Alligator Mode", which would result in a partnership with some major international fashion designers. More importantly, Stebi mentions that his adopted-father, currently dying of cancer, would donate 45% of his fortune to the establishment.

The two business associates knew it would be foolish to ignore such an opportunity-after all, the magazine had been out of the spotlight for over 5 years, and this would boost it's reputation with the younger generation. However, associating themselves with the eccentrics Stebi and Paul could completely damage their own reputation with the church crowd.The two lifelong friends suddenly find themselves reexamining their morals and beliefs.

What the Press would say:

“Greensleeves" is as unpretentious as any other Paul Thomas Anderson masterpiece.With only his 6th full-length feature in over 10 years, this film, in the words of Entertainment Weekly's Lisa Schwarzbaum "solidifys PTA's status as an American filmmaking institution. It's just that brilliant". Of course, the movie benefits greatly from the small yet very strong cast. David Ansen from Newsweek raves"Common is just insane.He's a complete revelation.In a just world...Common and Philip Seymour Hoffman would get a Best Actor nomination each.But if there is anything that this movie that the world is not farm from being just." Brian Cox has also garnered career-best raves and Ken Turan from the L.A. Times warns us to "watch out for Corbin Bleu. He stole scenes in High School Musical...likewise, he steals scenes here...A refreshing talent,to be sure".Roger Ebert says it best "Like all of PTA's films..."Greensleeves" knows what it is. It can never be fully begs you to form your opinion, but it is what it is....I think it's divine"

For Your Consideration:
Best Picture
Best Director-Paul Thomas Anderson
Best Actor-Common, Philip Seymour Hoffman
Best Supporting Actor:Corbin Bleu, Brian Cox
Best Original Screenplay

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