Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thoroughaly Modern Millie

Author(s): Michael
Location: Oklahoma

"Thoroughly Modern Millie"

Directed by Michael Mayer
Adapted by Leslie Dixon
Costume Design by Colleen Atwood
Art Direction by John Myhre and Gordon Sim

Main Cast

Sutton Foster- Millie Dillmount
Patrick Wilson- Jimmy Smith
Hugh Jackman- Trevor Graydon
Kristen Bell- Miss Dorothy Brown
Harriet Harris- Mrs. Meers
B.D. Wong -Ching Ho
Megan Mullally- Muzzy Van Hossmere

Tagline: "Beat the drums ‘cause here comes Thoroughly Modern Millie now!"

Synopsis: Millie Dillmount escapes to New York City from Salina, Kansas determined to marry her wealthy boss - whoever he may be. When she arrives, she takes a room at the Priscilla Hotel for Women and gets a job as a stenographer at the Sincere Trust Insurance Company. In no time she finds herself acquainted with Jimmy Smith, a poor but fun-loving paper-clip salesman; Miss Dorothy Brown, a genteel aspiring actress who never seems to have spare change and Muzzy van Hossmere, a madcap Manhattan cabaret singer and heiress with a zest for the high life and a glamorous penthouse. Millie's pompous but wealthy boss is Trevor Graydon. Even though she intends to marry Trevor, she is falling for Jimmy, but Jimmy seems to be having a fling with Millie's new friend, Miss Dorothy. In addition, the hotel proprietress, the mysterious and sinister Mrs. Meers, employs a Chinese henchmen, Ching Ho. He must help her to kidnap any orphans checking into her hotel as part of her dealings in white slavery, so that he can bring his elderly mother to America. When Millie tries to seduce Mr. Graydon, she finds out that Dorothy and Mr. Graydon are in love. Jimmy finally declares his feelings for Millie and Millie, Jimmy, and Mr. Graydon realize what Mrs. Meers is up to. In order to catch Mrs. Meers, they persuade Muzzy to pose as a new orphan in town. Mrs. Meers takes the bait and is exposed as the mastermind of the slavery ring. Jimmy proposes to Millie and, poor as he is, she accepts. Jimmy turns out to be Herbert J. Van Hossmere III — Muzzy's stepson, and one of the most eligible bachelors in the world. Miss Dorothy is his sister, and an heiress, she ends up falling in love with Ching Ho.

What the Press would say:

Filled with fun songs and dances Thoroughly Modern Millie is a wonder to behold. Based on the Broadway show and film of the same name, “Millie” tells the story of Millie Dillmount, a young woman from the Midwest who goes up to NYC so that she can live there. Filled with every essential element need for a smash musical, Thoroughly Modern Millie delivers on all fronts. Michael Mayer, who has directed Broadway hits like Millie and Spring Awakening, creates the roaring 20’s in New York City and directs the actors, crew, and story to perfection. The dancing is one of the greatest parts of the film and it’s also really important because if helps drive the story along and helps craft 1920’s New York. Sutton Foster is tremendous as the lead role and is way better than she was on Broadway. Even though she doesn’t have that much film experience she was perfect for the role and it’s so great that they didn’t pass her over for a bigger named actress. All of her emotional scenes are pitch perfect on every level, and her dancing and fun scenes are fantastic because you can tell she is so excited to be able to play the loveable character again. The men of the cast shine and Patrick Wilson is very good as Jimmy Smith it is definitely some of his best work. Hugh Jackman is absolutely fantastic as Trevor Graydon, Millie’s boss. He is absolutely hilarious and has a perfect mix of charming and cocky that makes Mille and the entire audience fall in love with him. The supporting cast is really what people should be talking about though, two Broadway/TV babes back up the beautiful Foster, and that’s the lovely Kristen Bell and the amazing Megan Mullally. Both actresses’ are right on pitch throughout the film and they both give deserving comedic performances. Bell gives her best feature film performance as Dorothy Brown and is excellent comedian. Her voice is breath-taking and is just brilliant in the way she takes on the character. Mullally also gives her best motion picture performance as the singer Muzzy and is perfect for her. She gets so many moments to shine and seizes all of them. She and Bell give by far the best supporting actress performances of the year hands down.

All around this is one of the best movie musicals of all-time and by far the best film of the year. Everything is absolutely perfect and everyone did their part, which we all know is the key to a fantastic film musical.


Best Picture
Best Director- Michael Mayer
Best Actress- Sutton Foster
Best Supporting Actor- Hugh Jackman
Best Supporting Actress- Kristen Bell
Best Supporting Actress- Megan Mullally
Best Adapted Screenplay
Best Costume Design
Best Art Decoration
Best Sound
Best Sound Mixing
Best Editing

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