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The Road We Traveled

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"The Road We Traveled"

Directed by Danny Boyle
Written by Danny Boyle

Main Cast

Joe Anderson (Neal Wallace)
Jamie Bell (George Briggs)
Charlie Hunnam (Will Farlin)
Matthew Macfayden (Stephen Mitchell)
Emily Blunt (Hannah Bell)
William Moseley (Ben Farlin)
Abbie Cornish (Alice)
Cillian Murphy (Micah)
Naomie Harris (Pregnant Woman)
Robert Carlyle (McBreckin)
Fiona Shaw (Wendy Farlin)
Bill Nighy (Donald Farlin)

Tagline: "Somewhere along the way to getting the ultimate high, they grew up"

Synopsis: On a sunny day in London, unemployed novelist Stephen (Matthew Macfayden) reads an article about a castle in Northern Scotland that is owned by an experimental drug chemist where the best high can be achieved for virtually no cost. With nothing better to do, Stephen decides he wants to go to the castle and try to win back his childhood sweetheart, Hannah (Emily Blunt), who lives in Edinburgh. He invites his best friend, Will (Charlie Hunnam), his cousin Neal (Joe Anderson), and George (Jamie Bell), his quiet virgin friend who Stephen is determined to get laid. After much argument with Will’s parents (Fiona Shaw and Bill Nighy), the four set off across the English countryside to get the greatest drug experience and start to party along the way.

During the trip, they realize that Will’s brother, Ben (William Moseley) has been following them in a stolen car and they are forced to allow him to tag along. Then they encounter a self-proclaimed escaped convict (Robert Carlyle), who stalks them after they get lost. Neal takes it upon himself to aid a pregnant woman (Naomie Harris) and is forced to help her give birth. George falls for a girl named Alice (Abbie Cornish), who is keeping a dark secret that brings much heartache to George. And finally, Stephen finds Hannah in the maligned side-trip to Edinburgh and tries to convince her to join their quest.

The group eventually reach the fabled castle and its owner, Micah (Cillian Murphy), and learn that the experience is much different from what they expected. It is a dark and dirty place filled with burnouts and addicts and the most horrible relics of humans one can imagine. Fear and paranoia run rampant as the young men experience the purported majesty of Micah’s drugs and tragedy strikes in the form of an overdose. Stephen and the others learn about themselves through convicts and addicts and pregnant women and ex-flames, and in the end, a stunning realization changes their lives forever.

What the Press would say:

From acclaimed director Danny Boyle, comes a new movie in the vein of his previous film “The Beach”. “The Road We Traveled” is a story about four friends who begin an odyssey across Britain to achieve the ultimate high. The dramedy involves several compromising and funny situations, as well as heartwrenching scenes that will undoubtedly be considered some of the very best. Emily Blunt seems to continue her Golden Globe-nominated performance from “The Devil Wears Prada” with just a little bit more heart to compliment the bitchiness. Jamie Bell and Charlie Hunnam deliver comically and are noticeable for their awkward conversations, which leave the audience crying from laughter. Matthew Macfayden stars in the controlled role as the architect behind the entire plan. Cillian Murphy is at his best as the chemist Micah, who is half burnout and half sexual predator. His slinky behavior sends a shiver down the spine but brings an odd smile to the face. But it is newcomer Joe Anderson who steals the show as Neal, a musical young man who falls in love with a mysterious pregnant woman and ends up overdosing because of his uncontrollable drug habits. While strangely amusing throughout, “The Road We Traveled” leaves the viewer with a feeling of approval of the four friends and their trip to get high.


Best Picture (M/C)
Best Director-Danny Boyle
Best Original Screenplay
Best Actor-Charlie Hunnam
Best Actor-Matthew Macfayden
Best Supporting Actor-Joe Anderson
Best Supporting Actor-Jamie Bell
Best Supporting Actor-Cillian Murphy
Best Supporting Actress-Emily Blunt

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