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Mr. & Mrs. Woods

Author(s): T.D.
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"Mr. & Mrs. Woods"

Directed by Jonathan Dayton & Valerie Faris
Written by Michael Arndt
Distributed by Fox Searchlight Pictures
Produced by Edward Bass, Michael Litvak, & Holly Wiersma
Art Direction by Alan E. Muraoka
Set Decoration by Melissa M. Levander
Cinematography by Eric Steelberg
Costumes by Arianne Phillips
Editing by Pamela Martin
Music by Mark Isham

Main Cast

Taye Diggs as Robert Woods
Jennifer Hudson as Barbara Woods
Meryl Streep as Jacqueline Cranford
Della Reese as Faye Woods
Chris Cooper as Peter Hawkins
John C. Reilly as Kevin Dillard
Ronee Blakley as Ida “Ma” Dillard

Tagline: "A heartwarming story about a man, a woman, and a journey to Nashville"

Synopsis: In 1972, the Country Music Association had created the four day music festival known as the Fan Fair. As word spread throughout the nation of this event, Robert Woods (Diggs), a local bar singer, decides to go to Nashville to pursue his career by singing in the festival. His mother Faye (Reese) encourages him to bring his wife Barbara ( Hudson ), a local country gospel singer, but he is not into the whole husband-wife duet idea, and heads for Nashville without her. But one day, when Barbara was singing in the park, she comes across a wealthy producer named Jacqueline (Streep). Jacqueline agrees to take both Barbara and Faye to the music festival, and the three head off to Nashville .

As the three stopped in a bar in Cookeville , they meet up with Robert and found out that he was performing that night. After much talk and consideration, Robert agrees to sing with Barbara and the two became a duet named Mr. & Ms. Woods. That night they performed and they became a huge hit among the crowd, but they became a thorn in Peter Hawkins’ eyes. Hawkins (Cooper) is a music producer who is also heading to Nashville along with famed country star Kevin Dillard (Reilly) and his once famed Grand Ole Opry country superstar mother (Blakley) to perform at the Fan Fair. Soon they become rivals, and all of them head off to Nashville to sing in the fair, whether if they do become famous country stars, again, or just simply to make a difference in their so-called pathetic lives.

What the Press would say:

The directorial duo of Dayton and Faris has done it again! Mr. & Ms. Woods is a hilarious yet remarkable film about how individuals come together during a long journey to the Fan Fair of 1972. The two leads, Diggs and Hudson, created wonderful chemistry that kept audiences and critics laughing and caring for. The two are without a doubt high consideration for both Best Actor and Best Actress. Not only did the two make the film enjoyable, but so has its supporting characters. Streep and Reese both did an excellent job as the supporters of the Woods, and Cooper was an amazing antagonist and his character was very spiteful. Last but not least were the loveable Dillards. It’s wonderful to see Reilly sing again, and his performance was great, and it was with great pleasure to see Blakley in a film again, her return could give her another Oscar nomination. You will not be disappointed at all this is a great and outstanding film.

For Your Consideration

Best Picture
Best Director – Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris
Best Actor – Taye Diggs
Best Actress – Jennifer Hudson
Best Supporting Actor – Chris Cooper, John C. Reilly
Best Supporting Actress – Meryl Streep, Della Reese, Ronee Blakley
Best Original Screenplay – Michael Arndt
Best Costume Design

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